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“Admission Open for Batch 2020. Online Classes will start from 1st June 2020.”

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Established in 2017 Concept school is a nontraditional school of learning. It hunts for rural talents from mofussil townships and shapes them for India’s prestigious institutes. It caters to midddle class and economically backward section of society but meritorious students more significantly. Making a way through traditional education system concept school has its own nontraditional academic mechanism based on ethics and transformative values.


"One day, rural students of this country will have the opportunity to attain excellent education to lead this nation as global citizen."


"To shape ourselves into a learning community, where we not only teach but also learn together and inculcate the culture of self-study across discipline boundaries"

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Board exams

  1. Board exams are designed to filter below average students (who can’t score more than 35% marks) from good and average students.
  2. The Board exam only test that whether you know the fundamentals or not. Exam is mostly subjective type with limited objective type question.
  3. In Board Exam your good writing and presentation skills are very important.
  4. In board exams independent / personal marks are important (% marks scored)
  5. In board exams students scoring 88% and 87% marks equally talented and successful.
  6. In board exams direct questions are asked on the concepts.
  7. Board exams is often understood as a promotion process.

Success in Boards = Clarity of Basic Fundamental

State Entrance Exams

  1. State entrance exams are designed to filter good students from average students at state level only.
  2. State entrance is objective type exams that test your basic fundamentals and application skills.
  3. Generally NO negative marking is implemented in state entrance exam.
  4. In State entrance exams relative marks / percentile rank is important (How much students scored more than you).
  5. Normally 80 and above percentile rank gives you success in state exams.
  6. In state entrance direct questions are asked which can be calculated from basic concepts and formulas.
  7. In real sense state entrance exam is selection process of good candidates over average at state level.

Success in Competitive Exams = Clear Fundamentals + Application Skill + Moderate Speed of Calculation

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